The Back Pain Team

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A patient should be referred to the Back Pain Team by a GP or a Consultant. After the initial appointment, a treatment plan will be outlined, tailored to the needs of the particular condition. This treatment pathway can take a patient from medication and monitoring to MRI or injection therapy. Some patients may be referred to another specialist from another discipline.

Treatment options:

  • GP Treatment: Medication

The Pain Consultant will review your current list of medication and make suggestions to you and your GP as to the best choices for your pain condition. There are different types of medicines, depending on the types of pain that need treating. Pain from inflamed tissues and joints may be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs or medicines containing paracetamol and an opioid (strong painkiller). Pain of nerve origin, however may need different medication in order to get effective relief by desensitising the effected nerve.

  • Physiotherapy/ rehabilitation

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of back and neck pain in strengthening core stability. Patients will often be referred for physiotherapy (and hydrotherapy) once the medication programme has been beneficial or once injections have been carried out. The Back Pain Team refers patients to a number of hospital based physiotherapy departments as well as independent practices in the area.

  • Injection therapy as a day case procedure

Your Consultant may recommend a joint injection or a nerve block. These can be diagnostic, giving up to three month's benefit or therapeutic, treating the nerve supply and providing longer term relief. Some injections are carried out in the outpatient clinic but most patients are treated under x-ray guidance in a theatre as a day case procedure. Fasting for up to 6 hours may be necessary as patients will be offered sedation for certain types of procedures. The typical length of stay is 2-4 hours. A patient will be given their own room and supported by a dedicated nursing team.

  • Referral to other medical disciplines within the team as appropriate
  • Surgical management

After comprehensive diagnosis and discussion certain patients may be offered a surgical treatment for their pain problems. These treatments may necessitate a hospital stay as an inpatient and rehabilitation post operatively.