The Back Pain Team

A streamlined service for the diagnosis and treatment of all aspects of spinal pain.  

It is our intention that Mr Stuart Blagg Consultant Spine Surgeon and Dr Neal Evans Consultant Pain Management Specialist will continue to consult during this difficult period. To protect their patients and themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic consultations may take place by telephone or video conferencing. Please telephone their private offices or email for more information.

Many of the private medical insurance companies have agreed that consultations may take place in this way for the duration of the pandemic and that we can invoice in the usual way. However, we advise you to telephone your insurer before your initial consultation to seek their advice and authorisation.

To contact us:
For Mr Blagg’s private office - 01844 273326 or
For Dr Evans’ private office - 01844 343271 or

Back and neck pain are some of the most significant causes of ill health in the UK and the highest cause of sick leave from work. Research shows that 40% of people experience back pain each year. There are many possible routes of referral for these patients, each one leading to a consultation with a different specialist. As a result, diagnosis and treatment are delayed, which dramatically increases the chances of developing chronic pain.

The Back Pain Team is a service set up to provide early accurate assessment and management of back and neck pain. By simplifying the referral process to a multi-disciplinary team, we will reduce the time from referral to diagnosis and the relief of pain.